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Silver Fit for Active Adults

SILVER-FIT is an acronym for several words that describe the high quality of life that is preferred by active adults:

  • S is for Successful
  • I is for Indpendent
  • L is for Loving
  • V is for Vibrant
  • E is for Empowered
  • R is for Resilient
  • F is for Fun
  • I is for Integrated
  • T is for Training

SILVER-FIT participants put Life back into their Years, as well as Years back into their Lives!


  • While this Lake Bluff-branded programming provides fitness classes that target active older adults, anyone who is looking for this level and type of fitness training can participate in the SILVER-FIT classes! No age restrictions!
  • Classes include cardiovascular exercises, muscle conditioning (endurance, strength and power) exercises, balance & agility training and a TON of FUN for all participants!

SILVER-FIT Program Classes

Cardio & Resistance Exercise

Cardio Respiratory Exercise

  • Adults should get the following cardio exercise each week:
    1. Moderate intensity exercise - A minimum of 150 minutes per week (example: 30 minutes, 5 days/week), or
    2. Vigorous intensity exercise - A minimum of 60 minutes per week (example: 20 minutes, 3 days/week). 
  • One continuous session or multiple shorter sessions (minimum 10 minutes each short session) are both acceptable to accumulate desired amount of daily exercise.
  • Gradual progression of exercise time, frequency and intensity is recommended for best adherence and least injury risk.
  • People unable to meet these minimums can still benefit from some level of physical activity.

Resistance Exercise

  • Adults should train each major muscle group 2 or 3 days/week using a variety of exercises.
  • Very light or light intensity is best for older persons or previously sedentary adults who are just starting exercise.
  • Two to four sets of each exercise helps adults condition the muscles for work.
  • For each exercise start by using sets of 15-20 repetitions to improve muscular endurance , followed by sets of 5-12 repetitions to improve strength and power. The working muscles must experience fatigue within these repetition ranges in order to improve in function.
  • Adults should wait at least 48 hours between resistance training sessions.

Flexibility & Neuromotor Training

Flexibility Exercise

  • Adults should do flexibility exercises at least two or three days each week to improve range of motion.
  • Each stretch should be held for 10-30 seconds to the point of tightness (no pain, just tension in the muscle).
  • Repeat each stretch two to four times, accumulating a minimum of 60 seconds per stretch.
  • Static, dynamic, and PNF stretches are all effective.
  • Flexibility exercise is most effective when the muscle is warm. Try light aerobic activity or a hot bath to warm the muscles before stretching.

SILVER-FIT Classes may include:

  • SILVER-FIT STRONG - classes that focus on improving muscle conditioning (Endurance, Strength & Power) to benefit functional movement and balance!
  • SILVER-FIT Cardio - classes that focus on improving cardiovascular function through safe and effective aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.
  • SILVER-FIT Walking Club - this program/class provides cardiovascular and balance training through performance of various types of fun and safely challenging walking patterns. You have never taken a walk like this before! Coming Soon!
  • SILVER-FIT Balance - this class focuses on safely and effectively challenging and improving static and dynamic balance, both of which are extremely important for every day living and movement.
  • SILVER-FIT (Chair) Yoga - this is a Yoga class modified to meet the needs of the participating individual. Breathing, meditation and coordination are stressed in this class.


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